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That’s the question Partners in Care Foundation℠ has been asking health care providers, plans and families since the organization was founded nearly two decades ago. Our mission today, as it was then, is to design and implement new models of evidence-based care that address the key social determinants of health. We raise the quality and effectiveness of community-based health care and social services, while also simplifying the delivery of those services, and in so doing, create a continuum of care that can better help everyone.

Partners in Care Foundation℠ was founded in 1997 by its Board and its current President and CEO, June Simmons. Prior to creating Partners, June held executive positions at The Visiting Nurse Association of Los Angeles (VNA-LA) and, as its President and CEO, managed VNA-LA’s sale, and patient and staff transition. She kept the foundation’s values and principles, continuing its legacy of in-home social support services as Partners in Care Foundation, where she has broadened its scope of innovations and services for the 21st century.

Partners record of success could not be achieved without its most important asset – our caring, professional, and hard-working staff. We deeply value the contributions of each and every one of our 180-strong team.

Partners in Care Foundation is a non-profit organization located in San Fernando, CA.