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Paulla Hyatt-McIntire, Attorney At Law: Home - Many people avoid estate planning because they think it focuses on death and funerals. Actually, it is the opposite. Estate planning focuses on life after you die. You work all your life to build up assets that you want to pass to loved ones. Through an estate plan, you can designate who gets what and when. Estate planning includes a review of life insurance and retirement account beneficiary designations, to ensure that your assets provide maximum benefit for those you love.

If you are concerned about how your property will get to your loved ones when you pass, or about how difficult or easy that process might be, or especially about whether someone will be able to assist you, should your health prevent you from handling your own financial or medical affairs, you owe it to yourself to consider an estate plan.

Once you become familiar with how a few simple documents can provide you and your family with financial and emotional security, you will realize that estate planning, regardless of the size of your estate, is something we all need. You will probably wonder why you waited so long! Contact me to find out more about estate planning and how it benefits you and your family.

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