Dear Parents, On behalf of the pastor, the faculty and staff, School Advisory Commission and Parent Club Officers, I want to welcome you to our school. St.Isidore faculty and staff are dedicated to educating our students to be prepared for the challenges of our millennium, both spiritually and academically. We will continue to focus on compassion and respect for life and the teachings of Christ. Our Student Learning Expectations, found on this website, outline our expectations for our students when they leave the 8th grade. Through my years as an educator I have taught at almost all elementary grade levels including preschool. When I accepted my first principal’s position in 1987, I enrolled in the Educational Administrator’s Master program at St. Mary’s College in Moraga and received my degree in May of 1990 and Administrative Credential in May of 1993. I have dedicated myself to the success of all catholic school’s spiritually and academically.